Wednesday, February 22, 2006


Elevator etiquette

Okay, here I am to rant and write about couple more pet peeves. Elevator etiquette appears to be a huge challenge for some people to master. What's up people? I work in a building with 15 floors. We have four sets of elevators and I work on the 11th floor. This is how I was taught to use the elevator. Door opens, enter, press button of the desired floor and then position myself accordingly depending on who else is riding the elevator with me.

With that said...I hate...really hate

1. People that stand in front of the button panels and refuse to move so that I can press on my desired floor and also do not offer to press for me when I stare you down. Why is it so hard to move away if it is just you in the elevator? I don't see your name printed on that particular spot. It's a shared common area, so unless you offer to ask, "What floor?" and press it for me...MOVE AWAY, Damnit!

2. People waiting in the lobby area to go up...please, PLEASE stand aside or at least make way for us who are already inside the elevator heading down your way. Learn and remember this well: We, the people riding the elevator, getting ready to leave when the door opens, have the right of way. DO NOT push your way in! DO NOT rush in and run me over so you can get into the elevator first! Why? Is there a race going on that I'm not aware of? This creates a bloody bottleneck at the doors!

3. People who for some ungodly reason press both the up and down button. Then when the elevator stops on their floor, they look shocked and ask "is this going up or down?" Frick! Don't you know where you need to go...there's only 2 choices...either "UP" or "DOWN"! How hard is that? Don't look pissed or take your frustration out on me because the elevator is not going YOUR way! It was your DUMB fault to begin with because you pressed BOTH freakin' buttons! Incredibly stupid!!

4. Then there are those LAZY A$$ES that use the elevator to go up or down a single floor, despite the presence of a well-marked stairwell. They should make and post a sign near all the elevators that said "If you are going up one floor or down two floors, please use the stairs!

5. People who even though they see that the elevator call button is pushed, they think if they push the button every two seconds, the elevator will come faster. Your OCD is getting on my nerves. Just cool it!!

6. And lastly...this happened at my old apartment as we have some unruly kids who loves to play with the elevator. Parents ~ please control your kids. Don't have them riding the elevators by themselves as I don't like entering and having to stop on every goddamn floor because they thought it would be fun to see the lights come on for each button. If your kid comes into the elevator with you, be sure to hold his or her hand and that YOU are the one that pressed the button for your desired floor and NOT YOUR KID as I don't want to hear "opppps, sorry!" and then scold your kid. Hello?


Okay, I'll admit it. My most common crime is jaywalking. I'm all for jaywalking if the streets are empty. I feel that it doesn't make sense to find a pedestrian cross walk in order to cross a street when you can see that there is no car in sight that is close enough to run you over and you can make it straight across safely. I do not jaywalk in areas where you will be hidden by stopped vehicles. I do not jaywalk when there is traffic. However, there are those people who seem to think that the streets are giant "sidewalks for grownups". They think it's perfectly okay to cross busy roads during rush hour, or that cars can stop on a dime if they need to. People... that extra minute you spend walking to the nearest intersection or pedestrian crosswalk can add years to your life.

Toilet etiquette

1. PLEASE, please, please flush immediately after use! I do not need to see what you leave behind once you're done with your business, be it number one or number two!

2. Lock the door once you're inside a cubicle/stall. I don't need to enter (i believe that an open cubicle door screams out vacant) and to see you doing your business. Like "hello??? There's a lock on the door! Learn to use it!!"

3. What is so hard about disposing used toilet paper into the toilet bowl and flushing once you're done? Ai! Instead they throw it on top of the sanitary napkin bin and make a big mess of the cubicle. Eeewww!

4. Just yesterday, as I was about the enter the ladies restroom, I overheard this lady having a CHINESE conversation on her cellphone, both were quite loud and it was coming from inside a cubicle when I opened the restroom door. She went on and on and didn't bother to toned down her voice as she heard me enter and I purposedly went into the stall next to hers. I managed to hear parts of the conversation. I flushed when I was done! I smiled to myself but I seriously would hate to be the person on the other end of that phone call!


I have another request for a recipe. From my last post, I'd mentioned my first attempt to make kimchi. It came out and tasted good. I must admit I cheated a little but here's how I made mine. Ingredients needed:

  • 1 Pkg. NOH Korean Kim Chee Mix

  • 1 gallon (16 cups) water or enough to cover vegetable

  • 1 chinese cabbage (Won Bok) or other vegetables like turnip or cucumber

  • 1 cup of Rock Salt or 1 cup of table salt.

  • Method:

    Fill a large container (pot, pan, etc.) with 1 gallon of water. Add 1 cup salt. Cut cabbage into biteable size and place into the container of water. Using a large, heavy dinner plate, keep the cabbage submerged under water for at least 6-8 hours. After this period, rinse the cabbage in tap water and drain in colander. Empty 1 package of NOH Korean Kim Chee Mix into the large container. Add 1/2 cup of water and mix well. Add the cabbage and mix thoroughly. After mixing, place cabbage in a quart-size container (ie. jar with a lid). Press the cabbage down firmly, allowing 1/4 space at the top. Close the lid and allow to stand for 1 day (unrefrigerated). This will develop the full flavor. Refrigerate. Careful: Very Spicy!! (I copied the method directly from the NOH packet as it is writen on the back).

    But if you want to do it the traditional way...here are some sites you can check out and try: JasonUnbound: How to make Kimchi, Kimchi Recipe, all you need to know about kimchi

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