Monday, August 22, 2005

What Were You Like

was tagged by Pao with this "What Were You Like" meme

20 Years Ago: (1985 - I was 9)

  • slowly outgrew my tomboy-ish ways and started my collection of Barbie Dolls

  • was always getting in trouble at school because I constantly talked too much in the classroom with my friends

  • after two years of piano lessons, I gave it up. It just didn't really work out for the reason that I did not have a strong interest in it like my ballet dancing

  • 15 Years Ago: (1990 - I was 14)
  • the beginning of my rebellious teen years

  • my first love; A the sweetest first boyfriend a girl could ever ask for. There were a number of things about him that spelled "QUALITY"

  • worshiped the ground upon which all members of the New Kids on the Block walked

  • 10 Years Ago: (1995 - I was 19)
  • started junior college at Kolej Damansara Utama in the American Degree Program

  • partied and drank almost every weekend (the legal drinking age in Malaysia is 18)

  • I was in a love/hate relationship, but not willing to give it up just yet

  • 5 Years Ago: (2000 - I was 24)
  • moved to Honolulu 4 years ago to further my studies at Hawaii Pacific University

  • graduated with my Bachelor's degree last spring

  • became a Notary Public and started my real estate classes

  • 3 Years Ago: (2002 - I was 26)
  • my first real estate transaction where I'd sold the apartment I was living in

  • moved to Makiki and lived on my own for the first time

  • developed a strong determined effort to lose weight through exercise so I began to work out at Gold's Gym

  • Last Year: (2004 - I was 28)
  • started to blog in March

  • Ryan moved into my apartment

  • Out first vacation to Las Vegas with Ryan's parents'

  • This Year: (2005 - I will turn 29)
  • bought a new car

  • moved to a new apartment

  • will be going to Disneyland for the first time

  • Yesterday:
  • spent the day visiting Ryan's grandpa out in Waialua

  • went grocery shopping

  • did laundry

  • Last Night:
  • watched "The Lion King" on DVD while having dinner

  • played "Samurai Warriors" on PS2 with Ryan

  • fell asleep listening to my collection of love ballads on my Ipod

  • Today:
  • woke up

  • came in to work

  • talked to Ryan on the phone four times so far

  • Tomorrow:
  • wake up again

  • go to work again *snore* Hopefully less tired.

  • Contemplate whether or not to buy or rent the new DVD releases;
    1. the Ring 2,
    2. A lot like Love

  • Next Year:
  • Ryan and I will celebrate our third year anniversary

  • I will be turning 30

  • my h-1b work visa will expire in June

  • 5-10 Years From Now:
    I don't know. Hopefully married with kid(s)...

    So whom shall I tag next? I pass this on to Rho, Adiejin, Roger, Jonathan, Mnm, Susie, Neko and Jocelyn. For those of you that I did not tagged but would like to play along and answer this meme, by all means go ahead and leave me a comment once you're done. Have fun and happy blogging!

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