Thursday, August 11, 2005


FALL HEAD OVER HEELS means: to be won over or enter an activity so thoroughly as to be almost helpless.

Everyone who has had the pleasure of falling in love agrees that the experience is a very pleasurable one. Did you (at one point of your life) have a journal filled with details of which boy you liked; whether you thought he'd shown any interest in you? how he treated you? who you'd kissed? and who'd rejected or hurt you? I sure did! And I can already tell you now that it will be pretty embarrassing if I were ever to find and read it again! I believe dating and life in general is about learning and growing as a person. Falling in love is an especially magical experience. I usually keep my feelings and life under control. I do face some major challenges in finding the love of my life. First, because my mind is so busy making sure I say and do the right things on dates, it's hard for my deeper and caring self to come through. It feels risky to share this part of myself. Second, because I'm shy, I feel like I have to be someone else or "wear a mask" to go out and meet new people. I'm left feeling like a distant observer, and men can find it hard to truly understand me. Third, although having a vision of what I want can be helpful, the risk is that my high standards and rush to find the perfect man can get in the way of loving a real-life imperfect man.

Kids say the darnest things on Love

falling in love is so hard on the knees you're so bad
falling in love is wonderful
falling in love is quite addictive
falling in love is anything like learning to spell
falling in love is really an extremely complex phenomenon that cannot be adequately described here
falling in love is wonderful
falling in love is in reality a collapse of a portion of what psychiatrists call our ego boundaries
falling in love is that we immediately think it is something special
falling in love is also a threat to your financial well
falling in love is your object
falling in love is not easy
falling in love is a strange movie
falling in love is based upon projections and assumptions of perfection
falling in love is about saying the right words at the right time
falling in love is one way of showing myself what this whole dream is really all about
falling in love is not an extension of one's limits or boundaries
falling in love is not conducive to long
falling in love is already in some way predetermined not only by one's individual
falling in love is not something to dread
falling in love is dedicated to all those of us who loved someone
falling in love is a serious and thoughtful examination of the real dilemmas of extramarital desire
falling in love is quite addictive and can often blind us from seeing the reality
falling in love is lugubrious and labored
falling in love is a very romantic idea
falling in love is like "like an avalanche where you have to run for your life"
falling in love is dolby digital english and french mono
falling in love is like a wonderful illness
falling in love is awfully simple
falling in love is so hard
falling in love is the most splendid and exhilarating feeling in all the world
falling in love is still in progress
falling in love is a very exciting yet sometimes devastating one
falling in love is an illusion
falling in love is something you forget
falling in love is one of life's most powerful experiences
falling in love is your consciousness' seeing your own image as the other
falling in love is called "attraction"
falling in love is not the difficult part; falling in love with someone who is good for you is the difficult part
falling in love is a purely subjective experience that is different for each person
falling in love is a mixture of reality and fantasy
falling in love is a wond'rous thing
falling in love is the closest most of us will get to being insane
falling in love is not the same as falling for make believe
falling in love is presented with its original mono soundtrack intact
falling in love is like falling out of a plane without a parachute
falling in love is over; being in love begins
falling in love is just that
falling in love is at least as involved as sickness
falling in love is a shining example of the magic that's created when two of Hollywood's biggest and brightest stars join forces in one special film

With that...I ask you...What is your ideal man or woman?

I'll start...my ideal guy...one who's understanding, very patient, brave, mature, supportive, caring, honest, affectionate, compassionate, sincere, protective yet not possessive, intelligent, passionate, faithful, decent looking, very funny and can cook! And I've found him (giggles)

"Love is a decision not an emotion or feeling, that if made from the heart will outlast anything..."

//m.u.s.i.c V.I.D.E.O

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