Thursday, January 26, 2006


Question: If you had only a few seconds to decide, would you cut yourself apart with a deadly sharp object to stay alive from getting squished by a deadly time-sensitive contraption? Answer: Ummm...

Our after-dinner movie pick for last night was Saw II. I must say though, to enjoy "Saw II," you must have enjoyed "Saw." This is a given! Honestly, it's better than the original on almost every level and this one does something extraordinary; unlike most sequels, it picks up where it left off ~ giving you connections to the first film. It might not be breaking any new ground, but it sure did deliver the goods. I don't know if it scared me exactly, but I did find it reasonably suspenseful. The opening sequence itself was gruesome - it makes you shudder and squirm and go "Oh no, please don't do that" - right along with the victim.

In this one, most of the terror is psychological as the victims try to piece together their pasts as they try to escape the deadly puzzle in which they find themselves. The vicious killer is revealed and he makes his philosophy clear: People should value their lives more. The blood and gore is great! I mean, if you love watching people getting slaughtered in interesting and clever ways...and who doesn't, right? There's a lot more action and tension than the first movie - characters die horrible, sickening deaths, some of which I was only able to watch through the small space between my fingers. Without giving it away, there are a few fun nods to horror movies of the past that anyone with a good knowledge of horror cliches will appreciate. There's also a very cool pay-off for those who enjoyed the first movie that I'm also not going to reveal. And the ending, building one twist and revelation upon another...so with that I conclude and say this ~ if you haven't seen the original yet, you gotta watch it first before seeing this sequel. Wonder of wonders, I'm kind of looking forward to the inevitable Saw III.

MORAL OF THE STORY? Enjoy life cause you don't know when a madman will try to teach you an ironic lesson about how you screwed it all up!

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