Monday, November 05, 2007

Happy Birthday
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Today is my birthday and yes I'm a year older *sighs*

Nothing special was planned as I had to work and go school during the day and R is working tonight. So here I am, typing this before I go on to finish my homework assignment which is due by midnight.

I won't say how old I am today but there are several of things I had always thought I would have achieved by now, but today is no day for regrets. I'll just be happy and rejoice in the significance of the day.

So, send my gifts to my apartment. I'm waiting...(email me if you need my address...hehe)


update: I forgot to add this ~ my birthday card from R


25. You think "libido" is an Italian pasta
24. The tooth fairy has more of your teeth than you do
23. You wake up with that awful "morning after" feeling...and you didn't do anything the night before!
22. You drink prune juice. On purpose.
21. You start complaining that "they're building car seats TOO DARN LOW!"
20. You sit down to breakfast and hear "SNAP, CRACKLE and POP," and you haven't poured milk on your cereal yet!
19. You start thinking that Sarasota, Florida is a lot more "cutting edge" than most people give it credit for
18. Your pharmacist calls you by your first name
17. Your sweetie says, "wanna neck?" ... and hands you a piece of chicken!
16. Your car battery goes dead because your turn signal was on for two week straight
15. Lawn care has become a big part of your life
14. You call that place you keep leftovers the "ice box"
13. You begin to think of an RV as "one sweet ride"
12. You're sitting on a park bench and a scout comes up and helps you cross your legs
11. Conversations with people your age often turn into "dueling ailments" (what does "dueling" mean anyways?)
10. Your sex drive suddenly shifts into "PARK"
9. You can remember when the dead sea was only sick (was it?)
8. At buffets, you complain if they don't have tapioca
7. You think of a "quickie" as napping at a traffic light (haha...I like this one!!)
6. Your back goes out more often that you do
5. You have an uncontrollable urge to feed pigeons in the park (nope, never gonna happen as I don't like pigeons at all)
4. Many of your co-workers were born the year you got your last promotion (hey I'm the youngest at the office...so this ain't true!!)
3. You play BINGO and you like it (yeah, coz it's fun :P)
2. You light the candles on your birthday cake, and a group of campers show up with a bag of marshmallows...


1. You find cards like this tasteless and insensitive (wouldn't you?????????)


Jeez, you're suppose to make me feel YOUNGER...not OLDER than I already am, honey!!!

Now you all know how much R loves me! Should I continue giving him the silent treatment for this card? Good thing I have a great sense of humor but I'll continue pouting to score more cuddles and kisses!!

//m.u.s.i.c V.I.D.E.O

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