Friday, July 08, 2005

I'm Back (Part 2)

So where did I leave off from my previous post? Oh yeah...me explaining why I was MIA for a while! Well now that we're at the new place...mind you we're still not all unpacked yet. Most of the essential things have been put away but all those remaining miscellaneous items which still can be given/thrown away are still in boxes in the living room area. I must say though...we still do have more living space in this new place even with a couple boxes in the way so I can't wait for everything to be done and we can then officially consider ourselves all settled and moved in into the new apartment.

There are a couple things that I'm not happy though about the new place; we lose the view of the ocean as we were previously on the 8th floor and now we're on the 3rd...so we have to be careful and make sure the drapes are closed when we're home because people from the neighboring building can see into our unit. It's HOT...yes the apartment is HOT! There's simply no ventilation into the unit...even with the fans going...you still feel the hot air and even after cooling down the air from the fans dry out my contacts! Argh! Must find a way to deal with this. The apartment wasn't entirely cleaned before we moved in so now with all of our stuff in it, I find myself cleaning certain areas before storing stuff away. I'm a little anal when it comes to hygiene especially in the bathroom and kitchen areas so I was down on all fours cleaning up this apartment; making sure it was clean enough to store away out stuff...that too after spending 4 days cleaning up the old place! (sighs) Also I blame the contractor/designer for a poor layout for the bathroom and kitchen area as he/she/they did not try to utilize the space available better for efficiency, including convenience, traffic spaces, distances between items, work and storage space! I guess it just takes a matter of getting used to the new diggs...

Coming back to work after taking a couple days off was brutal. My desk had folders piled up so tall, I had to skip lunch alltogether on Friday so that I could catch up on some of the deadlines. On top of that we had most of all the rent checks in, so I can logged it all onto the white cards for the owners. Thank god we had a long 3- day weekend so I could come home and recuperate after a hard day of work (hehe). We didn't really do anything special for July 4th...simply had a nice and quiet dinner at home and watched some DVDs.

My boss had been planning from the beginning of this year for our annual company trip and finally a decision has been made and the destination picked is...(drumroll)...Disneyland. Yes...this will be my first time there and we had a sit down this past Wednesday during our office luncheon to discuss about the trip; when we leave, where will we be staying, where to go and what to do...etc. I'm quite excited and really looking forward to it. Considering I'm the youngest at my workplace, I wonder if anyone else would go on the rides with me? We will see. What rides will you recommend that I go on...myself? I hope when I finally do go there, I do not chicken out and get scared! (LOL) Must do some reseach on the rides and the fastpass...hey...for those whom are in CA or neighboring states...what are your plans from September 15-19? Jonathan and Rhoda?

Well...I guessed I've bit$hed enough of the new apartment so now I must learn to start liking the place being that I'm gonna be living there! I hope you have a great weekend and don't you wish every weekend was a 3-day weekend? I know I do! Aloha...

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