Friday, June 10, 2005

"My thoughts..."

On life...

There will always be a better tomorrow...once you stop believing that, there will be no reason to continue. Yes, it does hurt...breaking up, losing a job, losing a friend, losing yourself. But ask yourself this, how many time have you been down...thinking that things will never get better? "It takes time" is the common thing to say as time does eventually heal most wounds...it just doesn't seem like it at the moment you are going through it.

Hard times can define a person...it adds character to oneself. Yes, I have to admit I didn't have a really hard life while growing up. My parents' did their best to make sure that I had a comfortable & safe roof under my head, clothes on my back, enough to eat and a good education. Yes I was spoiled being that I was the only child but there were limitations put forward so that I didn't get out of hand and I didn't always get what I'd asked for. I threw tantrums, I pouted and hurtful things were said when things didn't go my way. I wasn't the "perfect child" and I realize that now but I am fortunate that my parents' still love and care for me...even with my faults and misbehaving. I miss them so very much and hoping to play a visit back to Malaysia before the year end.

Now that I'm older but not all that matured yet and on my own...I've come to understand what all they did for me. I can't take back the bad times but I make the best of life for now on. I am happy. I think I am normal. I still am silly at times. And I know for a certainty that I'm still very shy. So with that...I say when you do something and it's for the right reasons (with an open mind and heart to learn from your mistakes as well as staying true to your convictions) you will find the balance in life.

On money...

Without a doubt, money is an important factor for one to survive. With it you have fewer obstacles to overcome on a journey to become happier. It is important, but it is definitely not everything.

No relationship should ever be based on money. That's a total train wreck just waiting to happen. Yes it's always nice to have someone flourish you with nice & expensive gifts all the time, someone to pay for your meals every time you eat out and to have the luxury of going out to a nicer and better place every other weekend but there will come a certain time when money will be the main issue in any argument. I know because I've been in that situation. Things turn sour and blame is lashed out for no reason. I feel that money is best as a second thought to everything else. If you have the money...don't splurge! Instead be money conscious...be frugal, invest wisely or put some away and have enough to live life.

On love...

What can I say about love? Love is a magic word used all over the world, by all nations. The word is used to express one's feeling to the other. The important matter to be considered is that, by using the word "LOVE" will make changes to the person used but will not prolong if the word "LOVE" comes without action. I had my first crush when I was 7, my first boyfriend when I was 13 and my first heartbreak when I was 14. We've all been hurt. It's sad to have that empty feeling when all is said and done with. No one likes being in that situation but everyone sure does know how it feels. We've all been there before.

Affairs of the heart are definitely a fundamental part of our lives. We have a certain expectation or standards that we put out when searching for that Mr. or Miss Right. We all long for that "happily ever after" fairy tale and to find ones' true love with whom someday will settle down and have children with. Some would even trade all they have worked hard all their life and settle for anything less...if they do or can meet that "special someone".

To love and to be loved is the greatest joy on earth. Just the two of us. To just be. To just be in love with you.

On friends...

Friends are important. Anyone can be your friend but true friends are few and hard to come by. They may judge you or not agree with your opinions; they will always stand by you. Anyone that you consider as a friend has a certain role that they play in your life. There are some that you can talk to all day and night about this and that. There are some that you can connect with on a deeper level. There are some that you don't talk too much with, but can always count on them when time needed. And then, there are those who are there just for fun and will be gone when the party stops. I am lucky to have friends, best friends and even good acquaintances.

It's important that when you and your friends go your separate ways, that you always keep them in mind and how important they are and have been. Hope sees the invisible, feels the intangible and achieves the impossible. As long as you never lose sight of hope, life and friendship will inevitably be richer. The greatest friends are the ones that can teach you something and that leave a lasting impact once they leave your life.

And those are my thoughts...

TGIF!! Have a great weekend!

//m.u.s.i.c V.I.D.E.O

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