Thursday, December 02, 2004

"Aloha Airlines - The Experience"

This was the blog I'd previously lost after trying to post it and now attempting to re-write it all over.

So as I had mentioned in my previous blog, we had some pretty interesting experience flight to and from Maui during the Thanksgiving break. Ryan's grandpa was with us, so we'd requested for a wheelchair for him so that it'd be easier and we could board on the plane first without any hassles.

So as we patiently wait for our flight, we find out that there's another flight to Maui, which leaves 15 minutes prior to ours. Finally as our plane arrives and people come off the plane, we get ready to board first. Everything went well and we arrive safely in Maui. So as we get ready, waiting for everyone to get off the plane - the stewardess informs us that she'd requested for a wheelchair. Fine, so when it's time for us to leave, no wheelchair yet. We wait along the walkway (the thing that connects the airport waiting area to the plane) and suddenly we see people start to board the plane. WTF?!? We start walking out; slowly and then finally we see this one Aloha attendant guy and he asks if we need a wheelchair. YES! So he comes down with the chair, and takes over to wheel Grandpa out. What luck should land on me as I find my shoe heel caught between one of the small openings in the walkway, so I had to removed my shoes and slowly try to get it out without damaging or breaking the heal off. At this point, both Ryan and I are pissed. We finally get to the waiting area filled with people and I'm trying to put my shoe back on without falling over, only to find that one IDIOT guy had simply left Grandpa sitting there in the midst of people whom have lined up to board the plane. He just left to return doing his job and didn't care to see where we were before leaving Grandpa there. So Ryan walks over with all of our hand-carry bags, cursing under his breath and trying to excuse our way through but people being rude and all, attempting to slowly move aside as though we've caused some inconvenience to them! PEOPLE!! That's just one part of it.

So now it's time to return to Honolulu, and as we packed and get ready to leave for the airport - we wonder if we will encounter any problems with Aloha Airlines this time around. We finally get to the airport at about noon to find it filled with people, all rushing to get a place in line to check-in. The lines are super long, and have built up to the outer part of the airport. We decide to use the porter services to check in and have all of our bags taken as in luggage. Again we request for a wheelchair for Grandpa. Walking towards to the security area, Ryan's friend - a security person sees us with Grandpa and informs us we can cut in line and go in first. As we say our goodbyes to Ryan's parents', we start to go through security check-in and finally upstairs to the waiting area. As we walk in, whom do we see at the desk? The IDIOT! Both Ryan and I look at each other, wondering if at all he will come by to our area when it's time for us to board. True enough he did and being that this time around there were 2 other people whom were wheelchair bound too, he suggested that instead of having us board first, we board last. His reasoning was because the flight is delayed and having the other passengers' board first could speed up things plus this is a smaller plane. Well this is the first I've heard of such a reason, but hey, this is the first time I'm flying with someone whom needs a wheelchair. So if he says it could help, why not right? The IDIOT continues to say that he will reserve the first couple rows for us so that we'd be guaranteed to get seats and not get bumped off the plane. Okay, so we wait and we decide that Ryan should board first just to make sure the IDIOT is doing what he said he was going to do. Fifteen minutes into waiting, we hear the IDIOT say this comment loudly and it came out clearly from a walkie-talkie from one of the girls outside (may not be accurate but this is what it sounded like), "in all of my years working here, I swear this are the bunch of slowest people to board a plane!" I looked at the lady whom was waiting with her dad and smiled but for the IDIOT to say such a thing so openly and loud, it is rather rude. So we finally board the plane, and I hear the stewardess asking the attendants how come we didn't board first? It totally screwed up everything. As I sat down, I told Ryan what I heard. He goes on to tell me that he heard it too as the IDIOT was standing right there when he'd said it and in front of the people whom were still trying to board the plane. Also since Ryan boarded early, the IDIOT didn't recognize Ryan from outside and had restricted him from sitting in the first row. Ryan explained to him that he'd came in first to make sure we had room to store of hand-carry items. Some words were exchanged and finally Ryan simply just sat down, ignoring the IDIOT. The stewardess apologized to Ryan at the end of our flight, saying that the IDIOT was a JERK and sorry for any inconvenience caused.

So there you have it, it just shows how one person can totally mess up your day for something so stupid. Ryan did mention about writing in to Aloha Airlines to make a formal complaint and I'm hoping I don't have to ever experience this again - too soon!

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